About Westside

If you've come this far in your search, you are probably looking for that "perfect church".

You know that kind of place where everything is spectacularly beautiful, the people are always sweet, kind, loving and thoughtful. A place that smells like chocolate chip cookies and sounds like heaven; where no one makes mistakes and each person says exactly the right thing at the right time. A perfect church might be like the Apple Store with baked goodies!

If that's what you're searching for... well, um... you probably need to keep on looking! Westside is filled with regular people, living normal lives, doing some things well and trying to do the tough stuff better. The big difference here is not in who the people are; the difference is in Whom we follow. We are trying hard to follow a loving (and thankfully forgiving!) God.

And we try to have fun while we are at it!

This thing called life can be trying at times and a bit lonely too. We get that. That's why community is important. With whom we do life has a direct impact on how we do life. Surrounded and encouraged- yah. That's how we want to do life!

So consider stopping by to take a quick tour of the place. Or just drop in on a Sunday morning.